ReachOut Interview

As a lot of you know, I am a very open and honest person when it comes to my mental health and being a young parent. At the end of 2017 I sat down with some of the guys from ReachOut Australia to talk about what it’s like being a young parent, my experience with Postnatal Anxiety and Depression, looking for work, and budgeting hacks.
I’m sure you will get a good laugh out of checking out these videos, I definitely did.

These videos are filled with amazing information and made me proud to be a Youth Ambassador for such an incredible organisation.

What it’s like being a young Mum
3 stories from young Mums about young motherhood.

How I dealt with Postnatal Anxiety and Depression
An honest look at what caused it, how I realised something wasn’t right, and how I began to overcome it.

How to stay motivated when you don’t have work
Ft. an impromptu dance party with Alfie.

Budgeting Hacks
“Just don’t spend your money on stupid shit.”
Some great ideas on saving money and making your money go further.
(Of course I talk about going to the art gallery, museum and going on picnics (always thinking about food).

I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did, and find them extremely helpful.

If you know someone that could benefit from watching any of these videos, either send them this post or get them to check out ReachOut’s Youtube channel.

Until next time,

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