Wolfjay: Creativity During COVID, Career Planning and Isolation Antics.

Mid June I sat down with Melbourne based artist Wolfjay (via Zoom) to have a chat about career planning, the effects of COVID- 19 on their travel plans, social media in 2020, and what music post-COVID might look like.

Wolfjay on what kicked off their New York plans:
“I moved to Melbourne in March, and had just signed with a record label in Brooklyn, it’s run by an artist called “Pronoun“, who I really love. I reached out to her to remix one of her songs. One thing led to another… She wanted to come on and help me put out a song that I had been working on. Then, we just worked backwards from me wanting to spend some time in New York, working on music and playing shows.”

Learning their time in New York would be cut short:
“The first night of the festival comes and goes, doesn’t seem like a big deal. The next day we were at the bar, which was the artist lounge for the festival, where everyone would congregate and get their badges and stuff. Everyone came and picked up their badges. We were hanging out and saw a few panels… That night they closed Broadway. Broadway doesn’t close. It was pretty full on. Then, they announced in a couple of days that Central Park was closing… Every hour there was another thing.
The next day one of the festival organisers came in, pretty drunk, and said, “They’re closing the border, get out while you can.”

We cover topics such as: BIGSOUND preparation; Career planning and how COVID impacted their New York plans; Collaboration during lockdown; Isolation buys; Coping mechanisms; Black Lives Matter; How best to utilise social media in 2020; and How they see music in a post-COVID world.

“We barely knew each other 3 months ago, but when my first run of overseas shows were cancelled, and the state border closed and she wasn’t able to return home, Austen and I ended up living together for the whole COVID-19 lockdown. We hung out every day, sharing meals, going for walks, and working on this song. “Very Soon, Very Frequent” is about 2 people who cross paths with each other at the exact moment they need each other most, and that even if it’s “only for a little while”, it’s perfect.”
About the release (from the Wolfjay website)

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>>> For COVID-19 resources for musicians, music workers and venues, head to the Music SA COVID-19 Resources page.


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