Luigi Donnarumma: Cat Lucky, Catharsis, and Creative Living.

Last week I sat down with Luigi Donnarumma of Cat Lucky, and previously Donnarumma, to chat about all things mental health, songwriting, working within the music industry, and how his perspective has shifted over the last couple of years.

About Cat Lucky:
“After the last tour we did (with Donnarumma), I felt pretty drained. I told myself I needed a break. At that time I was listening to a lot of different stuff than what I was making for Donnarumma. So, after that (tour) I had a little bit of a breather. I decided to just write songs for no purpose other than to just write. I had no intention of making it a project at all, for anyone to listen to, it was purely because I needed a break. I was so confused. I just needed something,”

“I started showing it to people. People were reacting to it differently than before. There was a point where I just thought, “Well, I guess I could just release it.”. So I did. I didn’t have a marketing plan, I just made a page and released it.”

We cover topics such as: Cat Lucky and the 30 Day Songwriting Challenge, that Facebook post and the importance of speaking out, social isolation and how the music industry will adapt in these times, working within the music industry, and living a creative life.

Warning: Course Language

“Pressure (Everybody Wants To Know You)”, the first song, was about unravelling the touring experience, and more so about the music industry. Just feeling like you’re in this system and this cycle. You can either work with it; reject it, or accept it. It’s realising, observing, that you are in this cycle. You have a choice about where you want to be, and not letting that affect your mental health.”

“It’s really easy to overwork yourself, and it’s funny how you’re always feeling like you’re not doing enough, even though you’re doing more than enough. It was just feeling that.
I wrote the song really quickly. I wasn’t intending to write that, it just happened organically. The lyrics were very much the first draft. The vocal take that you hear in the song is pretty much the first vocal take I did. 
On a more general note, “ur heart” is about knowing when you’ve burnt yourself out.”

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